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Diese Website befindet sich im Aufbau. Bitte haben Sie noch ein wenig Geduld. Schon bald werden wir Ihnen hier spannende Radtouren in den USA präsentieren!Übersetzung folgt: Abbreviation: LA Time zone: Central Time Cycling conditions Motorized traffic has generally a little less consideration with cyclists than in other states. The government has designated special 'lanes' and 'side paths' for cyclists on some routes. LandscapeLouisiana is a flat state with lots of woods and forests. The state is part of the coastal plain along the Gulf of Mexico and the basin of the Mississippi. Approximately 50% of the area consist of coastal marshes and lowlands along the rivers. There are salty creeks / lakes along the coast. >> more information Climate There is a stable subtropical climate in the summer with high temperatures, high humidity and rain from time to time. Spring and autumn are the most enjoyable periods.
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